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Welcome to Barktastic K9 Cupboard!

My name is Chrissy King, Owner of Barktastic K9 Cupboard.  I would like to welcome you to my page!


It has been a dream of mine for sometime to start my very own homemade pet treat business!


4 years ago, I adopted a black lab named Oliver. I found myself becoming more and more aware of the harmful chemicals and additives in dog foods and treats. Learning about the many recalls in this industry made me very cautious about what I was purchasing for Oliver. I became completely devoted to giving him the best possible nutrition so that I could keep Oliver happy and healthy for as long as possible.


It was in the Summer of 2015 that I decided to make this passion a reality and start my business "Barktastic K9 Cuboard" so that I could share my love of baking and my love for pets by providing both Oliver and your fur babies wholesome, all natural,

"pup-approved" dog treats.


Oliver is the official K9 Cupboard's taste tester but I also ask the pups at my local dog groomers and shelters to help me out too! 


All my biscuits have been lab tested by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.


Please feel free to share my business information with all of your family and friends! I look forward to growing my K9 Cupboard and delivering your pets the very best!

Barktastic's Taste Tester
& Paw Approver, Oliver!
Chrissy King,
Owner & Treat Magician
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